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8 Ways to Know Your Firework Display Was a Dud

1.  The guests at your party turned thier chairs around to face the neighbors display.

2.  It started at 9:15 and was over at 9:20.

3.  The only “ooo” was in disgust, and the only “ahh” was when they realized you were a pyro-loser.

4.  You hit grandma with a bottle rocket… twice…

5.  You kept saying “Wait, this next one will be huge”.

6.  Some grease dripping into the barbeque grill put on a better show.

7.  The punk was one of the more expensive items in your bag.

8.  3 Fountains and a handful of snap pop’s all at once was the Grand Finale.

Teaser Photo Attribution By:  tsuacctnt

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