Ways to Salute your Fellow Driver

We have all saluted a fellow driver one way or another. Some ways are to commend while some are to condemn. Here are some different ways to salute your fellow drivers.

1. The wave.  This is a common one for people in rural areas as you may wave to any driver that drives past you. You can also use this for someone you know.

2. The side swipe.  This signal lets the other driver know that you want them to go first. Normally used at an intersection with stop signs.

3. The point.  This is also a way to let the other driver know to go first but it is done with more authority. This way shows who is in control.

4. The nod. Oh yes, get the bobble heads out. I know you have seen the one who nods.

5. The fist.  This usually occurs when cut off by the other driver and you just got to shake the fist around.

6. Hands up in the air. I don’t really recommend this one as it does take both hands off the wheel but when needed it relays the message, “What are you thinking!?!?!” (can replace with your own choice words)

7. The bird. Yes , yes, bird is the word and it only takes one finger to let the world see  it.

8. The double bird. When one bird  just doesn’t say enough, you got to through up two birdies into the air.

So what ways do you prefer to salute your fellow drivers?


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